Transition, Migration, and Making Way for the New

I’ve ered tailed hawknjoyed working with Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine since January.   However, their intensified focus on Insulin-Potentiated Chemotherapy for cancer patients requires reconfiguring existing offices to make room for more IV treatment areas.

So, I’ve decided to move my practice of Classical Homeopathy and Holistic Psychiatry, effective 11/1/11 — and am very happy to announce that my new address will be at:

Optimal You
8114 E. Cactus Rd.
Suite #240
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone:  480-656-9218 (unchanged)
Fax:  602-626-3695 (new)

Optimal You” is a group of highly skilled practitioners who believe there’s much more to mental health than the absence of diagnosable illness.  Optimal mental health also includes a feeling of well-being, resilience to stress, healthy relationships, recognizing one’s own potential, ability to work joyfully and productively, and contributing to one’s community. Personally, I would add experiencing (at least sometimes) a sense of spiritual peace. In addition, most healthy people are engaged with something larger than themselves. This allows a feeling of being energized and “on purpose” in their lives.

Though all have sole and separate practices, Optimal You’s practitioners have come together under one roof to provide patients the best of evidence-based psychotherapies, neurobiology, mindfulness-based practices, body-centered psychotherapies, addiction medicine, and psychiatry.  They believe, as I do, that healing and personal transformation through depression, anxiety, and other challenges is truly possible.

And now they’ll also have one of the few homeopathic psychiatrists in the world: me! (Yes, it’s an unusual blend of training and expertise.)  I feel very grateful to be joining them.

The space itself is calming and beautiful, but the collection of minds and hearts is priceless:

Beverlee Laidlaw Chasse, MC
Gail Cordes, MBA, MC
Soozi Bolte, MACL, MC
Pati Anderson, MC
Thomas Best, MD
Pamela A. Pappas MD, MD(H)

This building is on the northeast corner of Hayden and Cactus Roads in Scottsdale, in Odyssey Professional Park.   We look forward to seeing you in our warm, inviting new office space, and assisting you in transforming your health.

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