“The Healing Life” — Why This, and Why Now?

Welcome to this new blog dedicated to the many ways healing shows up in our lives — plus the myriad things which impact and/or support healing.

We’re complex beings who function on multiple levels at the same time:  mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.   So going forward, this blog might include postings across multiple areas such as:  meditation and mind/body interactions,   exercise, nutrition, shamanic journeys, animal wisdom, medication —  and certainly classical homeopathy.

There’ll be surprises too.  :-)

In my practice and life, I hold a holistic point of view that values relationships with others . . . including the planet we share.  Much of  contemporary medicine neglects this.  But more longstanding healing traditions include ALL parts of our environment — in fact we can’t be completely healthy unless we’re in “right relationship” with our planet and its other beings too.   My blog speaks likewise.

Another thing about the blog title, “The Healing Life.”   My work certainly serves others’ healing, but as a doctor and human, I’m healing too.    So I write both about what what helps people in general, and about my own healing experiences as well.    After all, patients come to doctors with their situations and suffering,  but both people can transform in the process.   In healing myself, I heal a little part of Medicine.  Every doctor or other health practitioner who sees patients has a chance to do the same, each in his/her own way.

So, welcome — we’re in for all kinds of adventures together!

2 Comments to “The Healing Life” — Why This, and Why Now?

  1. Jane Ferris Ph.D.'s Gravatar Jane Ferris Ph.D.
    June 1, 2010 at 9:23 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations Pam! Looks like great new adventures in healing. Will check in for more blogs.

    I’m still in licensure study mode and continue frustrating my newest homeopath. Went through the Actinide-nits, a Geyser, Mescal, Ozone, Nit-ox, Neodymium-nit and now to what seems to possibly have a subtle good affect – Bovista. Will hopefully know more about this one in a few weeks. Still explosive but softer and organic as it is a Puffball mushroom :) It’s been quite an initiation process into the experience of remedies through one’s own body.

    Maybe you could address the frustration of both homeopath and client when the right remedy remains elusive (or maybe not even found yet.) Are there benefits to taking remedies that are not right but fairly close?

    Warmly, Jane

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