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Pam Pappas MD, MD(H) is a psychiatrist, classical homeopath, and creative soul in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This blog honors the nature of healing, and the healing in Dr. Pamnature.

Healing is  a process of becoming whole, or recognizing wholeness that already exists beneath seeming brokenness.   It means acknowledging and embracing all aspects of ourselves, whether we feel comfortable with them or not.

When we’re healthy, there is dynamic balance between all parts of our inner natures, our physical bodies, and our relationships with others.    We feel peaceful, resilient,  joyful, and free to be ourselves.  We  embrace our interconnections with Nature,  responsibly sharing the planet with all other beings.   The Navajo call this state “hozho“, or “walking in beauty” . . . . and unless we are in right relationship in ALL these aspects, there is no real health.     When in “hozho”, we can live in the present — neither lost in the past nor preoccupied with the future.   We are mostly free of suffering, although we may be dealing with symptoms or “issues”.

For most of us, learning to “walk in beauty” is an ever-evolving process — a journey of sorts.

This blog encompasses the many aspects of healing, plus living one’s life as a “healer”.   Being human, healers are in the process of healing as much as their patients are.  We are all healers, and our sharing can spark healing in others too.

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