To Support Healing

Dr. Hahnemann noticed that certain things could impede his patients' progress: he called these "Obstacles to Recovery." They included lifestyle factors such as:

  • poor diet and sleep habits
  • living in damp, moldy environments
  • overindulgence in alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, or other drugs
  • domestic discord and "constant vexation"
  • sexual excess or "debauchery"
  • lack of exercise and outdoor activities
  • physical or mental overexertion

Once such obstacles were found and removed, health returned spontaneously. If they continued, chronic disease would develop; or, their presence would interfere with successful treatment of concurrent illness.

Words like "vexation" or "debauchery" are out of date today, but factors like this can still affect us. Many of us work more than 60 hours a week at stressful occupations, grab fast food on the run, feel we have no time for exercise or simple "being", cut relationships short, and expose ourselves to toxic chemicals. Even the best homeopathic treatment cannot overcome ongoing bombardment with such things that imbalance and make us sick.

Homeopathic treatment can facilitate taking better care of ourselves, but it is not magic. To best support healing, it helps to:

  • Eat a mixture of fresh, whole foods that make you feel strong and energized; the more organic and unprocessed, the better.
  • Drink enough fresh, clean [filtered?] water daily to keep urine pale yellow in color.
  • Avoid things that you know are toxic for you: smoking, recreational drugs, chemicals in food and environment, abusive relationships, etc.
  • Find some exercise you enjoy, and do it almost daily -- including both aerobic and muscle-strengthening forms.
  • Take a high-quality multivitamin.
  • Get enough undisturbed sleep each night -- arranging your life so this happens naturally.
  • Maintain fulfilling, supportive relationships, including intimate partnerships with healthy sexuality.
  • Develop your own personal sense of purpose or spirituality.
  • Allow some expressive fun in your life! This can be anything of your choice -- cooking, art, music, dance, journaling, and gardening are all popular ideas. Best of all is to connect with the kid in yourself -- the part that likes to play and laugh. The possibilities are endless!

"Humor is the WD-40 of healing." ~George Goodstriker, Kainai Elder