About My Practice

My practice attends to people's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual concerns in the context of relationships with others and the environment.

Primary treatments I use in my practice include:

Classical Homeopathy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, and Counseling

Desert Flower Essences

Providing excellent homeopathic care requires time, focus, and commitment.  My practice gladly accepts new patients seeking homeopathic care.  However, patients seeking pharmaceutical management alone are respectfully referred to other psychiatric colleagues for that type of care.  

People seek alternatives when conventional treatments have not provided hoped-for relief, or because medication side effects are troublesome. Others desire more extensive healing than they have experienced with conventional treatment. Many times both patients and their therapists seek facilitation of ongoing psychotherapy; Classical Homeopathy can answer these needs.  

I work with adults experiencing difficulties such as:

  • depression and unresolved grief
  • anxiety and panic attacks
  • creative blocks; loss of life purpose
  • post-traumatic stress
  • relationship problems
  • troublesome life transitions
  • emotional influences on physical complaints
  • living and coping with life-altering medical illness

Combined emotional and physical symptoms can be challenging in conventional care. Each of these may complicate the other, and progress is unlikely without honoring the entire person in which they appear.

Patients come to see me when ready to hear the interwoven messages their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits are communicating.

I work collaboratively when patients already in treatment with other practitioners seek homeopathic care. Homeopathic treatment is still possible for patients currently on conventional medications. With a good result, need for pharmaceuticals may lessen.  Tapering such medications may be possible over time, in conjunction with other treating physicians.

Conventional psychiatric medications can be prescribed if absolutely needed, but most patients seek my care with the ultimate goal of decreasing or tapering off of these as clinically appropriate.

"The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep."
Henry Maudsley MD, Maudsley Hospital, London

My practice also serves physicians and other healthcare practitioners wanting a safe, compassionate space to explore their lives and their work. It can help to review and examine things with a colleague familiar with these issues, but who is not part of the same administrative system or work group.