Consultations in Classical Homeopathy

" The external man is but an outward expression of the internal; so the results of disease (symptoms) are but the outward expression of the internal sickness ".

~James Tyler Kent, M.D., homeopathic physician and author of Kent's Repertory

When you call for homeopathic consultation, we will first speak briefly on the phone to answer questions you may have. Also, we need to be sure that homeopathy is an appropriate treatment for you. 

Because I am a solo, exclusively outpatient psychiatrist, my practice is not appropriate for actively suicidal or psychotic patients who may need larger treatment teams.  Therapeutic safety comes first.

Before we meet, you will be able to download and fill out/sign:

Registration Form -- download

New Patient Questionnaire -- download

Office Policies and Procedures -- download

The Intake Form in particular allows you to review important events in your history, medications, surgeries, and other previous treatments; also, it helps you contemplate what you would most like assistance with at this time. Necessary information about my practice is found on the Office Policies form.

What to Expect?

1. Our first appointment together will usually last 2-3 hours. During this time, we explore your symptoms and experience of these as completely as possible. Our goal is to clearly understand you and how you are suffering. You may find yourself talking about things you have never uttered aloud before, or noticing previously unrecognized connections.

"The body says what words cannot."
~ Martha Graham, dancer and choreographer

Discussing areas that may have concerned them privately for years, people often feel significant relief through these interviews. It can be liberating to discover and acknowledge deep personal experience; people often come out understanding themselves in a lasting and compassionate way.

2. From this information, I then find the best homeopathic remedy for you -- homeopathy focuses on your individual experience rather than laboratory tests or pathologic diagnoses. Usually I will not prescribe during your first appointment, but will bring you back for further exploration and summarizing before doing this.

If I have the selected remedy I will give it to you; otherwise we will need to order it from a homeopathic pharmacy such as Hahnemann Labs in California, Helios in England, or others.

I do not recommend stopping any of your conventional medications without your prescribing physician's knowledge. Tapering or discontinuing these may eventually be appropriate -- but not until your healing process is firmly underway.

3. We meet again within 4-6 weeks to evaluate your progress; follow-up appointments usually last for 50-60 minutes. I am available by phone for questions in the meantime, or in the office for earlier follow-up if indicated.

An effective homeopathic remedy stimulates a gradual healing process that usually requires many months for full result. Still, people may feel better quite rapidly even if the symptoms are not yet completely gone. Depending on the length and depth of illness, recovery may be more incremental. We will meet every 4-6 weeks until we are sure things are going well; depending on clinical situation, appointments might be stretched out thereafter.

Some people experience temporary aggravations of their symptoms, followed by overall improvement. I will be prescribing a remedy dose that is effective, but that also minimizes chance of aggravations. The course of healing is individual for each person, but can be observed and followed.

The first indication of improvement may even be a more conscious awareness of inner experiences that overlap with symptomatic (often physical) complaints.

"This is the connecting point between the mind and the body, the point at which physical and mental phenomena are spoken of in the same language, where the boundaries between these two realms disappear and one can actually perceive what is true for the whole being." ~ Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Accessing this place within one's self can be life-affirming; acknowledging the source of turmoil generates hope that it can heal.

Over the course of homeopathic healing, people often feel stronger, more resilient, and more authentically themselves than before. They may even forget the specific problem for which they sought consultation in the first place.

Successful homeopathic treatment eventually leads to freedom to experience the present as it is, without oppressive burden from the past. Responses can be more spontaneous and creative, allowing for more enjoyment of life.

As Dr. Sankaran also relates,

" I once asked a patient who was better, how it feels.
He said, 'I smile at life, and life smiles back at me.' "

I wish the same for my own patients.

Dr. Sankaran's recent book for the public, Homeopathy for Today's World: Discovering Your Animal. Mineral, or Plant Nature, describes a little more about the process I use in my own homeopathy practice.