Psychotherapy and Counseling

Many patients consulting me for homeopathy will already have psychotherapists. Homeopathy synergizes well with psychotherapy, and can help resolve temporary stalemates in psychotherapeutic progress. In these cases we simply do homeopathy in conjunction with ongoing treatment -- I am happy to collaborate with your therapist.

However, other patients, whether coming for homeopathy or not, may desire psychotherapy.

My approach in psychotherapy is dynamic or insight-oriented, meaning we seek to understand how you have come to think, feel, and behave as you do. We support what is healthy, but there may also be defensive patterns that limit you. Usually much of this is based on unconscious assumptions and reactions derived from early life experience. Discovering and making peace with such forces can free up creative energies, improve relationships, and allow much more enjoyment of life.

People come to see me most frequently for issues such as:

  • career and life transition
  • relationship issues
  • living with life-altering medical illness
  • depression, loss, and grief
  • anxiety and trauma
  • spiritual crisis
  • nagging feelings of guilt or shame

"A therapist has to practice being fully present
and has to cultivate the energy of compassion to be helpful."

~Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master, poet, scholar, and peace activist

Homeopathic healing engages a similar process of inner inquiry, but focuses more on one's direct experience rather than analyzing "why" things are happening.  It accesses levels of our beings from which our disturbances arise.  Our distorted perceptions may be only one expression of this main, energetic disturbance which Classical Homeopathy gently discovers and treats.

Interactive guided imagery may be useful for some individuals, as are approaches that combine mindfulness meditation with psychotherapy.

If seeking psychotherapy is your main reason for consulting me, please contact me at 480-656-9218 so we can briefly discuss your needs.

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