Consultations and Mentoring/Coaching for Physicians

My practice offers an individual "Peer Counseling" model for physicians, where personal and professional issues may be discussed in a confidential, compassionate way. This mutual dialogue focuses on "here and now" reality situations, and generates effective options for dealing with these.

Many find it especially useful to talk with a colleague who can identify and empathize with them, yet is outside their regular work environment.

Peer counseling differs from psychotherapy, a form of treatment for emotional problems. Psychotherapy focuses on exploring and resolving emotional conflicts so that self-defeating behavior patterns can be modified, and personality may further develop and grow. Peer counseling focuses more on supporting optimal health in one's current life.

Individual Consultations in Physician Well-Being can assist with:

  • healthy alternatives for stress relief
  • articulating personal visions and dreams
  • affirming the deep meaning found in Medicine
  • carrying forward insights gained through group retreat work elsewhere
  • still other areas unique to the person

This Physician Well-Being model can extend to other health practitoners as well. Appointments may be scheduled for in-person or phone meetings. However, this work is not reimbursable through medical insurance.

Physicians and other health practitioners interested in these consultations are welcome to contact me by email ( or phone (480-656-9218); those who wish may receive a Life Balance Assessment Inventory as well.