Homeopathic Psychiatry in Scottsdale Arizona -- for personalized care, please call 480-656-9218

Pamela A. Pappas MD, MD(H), is a board-certified psychiatrist and medically licensed classical homeopath in Scottsdale, Arizona -- serving the greater Phoenix area and beyond.

Her private practice provides Classical Homeopathy consultations and ongoing treatment for people who experience

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • life transitions
  • stress-related health conditions
  • creative blocks, and more

Have you tried conventional psychiatric treatment for any of the above conditions, and been disappointed with the results?  Are you sensitive to psychiatric medications, experiencing side effects at therapeutic doses?  Do you seek deeper healing, greater resilience, and care specifically tailored to you?  If so, Classical Homeopathy may be a helpful option.

In health, there is dynamic balance between all aspects of our inner natures, our physical bodies, our relationships with others, and our environments.

The Navajo call this state "hozho", or "walking in beauty."  It encompasses harmony in all parts of life -- from what is deepest inside us, to our relations with the natural environment surrounding us. When done well, Classical Homeopathy mobilizes our innate healing capacities, allowing us freedom from symptoms and greater health overall.  Then we can experience more resilience, presence, and peace in each moment.

This website offers useful information about healing, well-being, Classical Homeopathy, desert flower essences, psychotherapy, and how we may work together. Please call 480-656-9218 for a complimentary 15-minute Health Review, for questions about my practice, or to make an appointment.  You're also welcome to subscribe to my e-newsletter, "Vitality from the Inside Out," below.